In 2019, a JD Power Study found that customers didn’t think positively of AEP.  They needed to re-energize the brand in the eyes of consumers.  Our video-based storytelling campaign showcased AEP's commitment to their communities, their involvement in non-profit organizations and the  connections between AEP employees and their customers. 
 Searching across their 11 operating territories, 32 authentically compelling stories were sourced, scripted and shot presenting the energy company in a whole new light.  The content captured also helped to create digital banners, web creative, digital/collateral materials and various print campaigns.  
One year later, a JD Power Study showed the rebranding campaign had increased positive brand perception in the eyes of its customers by 37%.  Customers were 32% more likely to engage with AEP in the future and 36% more likely to recommend AEP to others.
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