I'm Mike Bednar an award-wining creative, a marketing guru, a business builder.  
Throughout my career, creativity has been my cornerstone. Even more, I believe it is the heart and soul of true success--driving innovation; sparking technology; engaging audiences and building brands. I've built departments, divisions and companies using creativity as my catalyst. 

I've worked at top independent agencies, cutting-edge digital shops and award-winning branded content companies.  I've created campaigns in all platforms and media.  I've written, produced and directed branded documentaries, reality challenges and episodic series.  I've revived and reinvigorated brands.  And developed creative strategies that took clients in directions they never thought possible.  
My goal is creating unique pathways to success for clients and their brands.  Approaches that stand out in crowds.  Campaigns that connect to every audience and community.  Because I believe that, today, the secret to marketing success isn’t easily found.  It’s about real-time responsiveness.  It takes creative commitment and 360º thinking.  But most of all, it takes collaboration from an authentic partnerships.    
I believe a brand is a living entity, constantly growing, always changing.  So, as a creative, I must continually adapt and evolve in order to keep connecting to a diverse and dynamic world.
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